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February 2019

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A woodland play space for the National Trust

Located in the heart of Surrey, Claremont Landscaped Garden is steeped in nearly 300 years of history. The 18th century National Trust garden was once the countryside retreat of royalty and boasts beautiful landscaped areas, rugged woodland and an impressive serpentine lake. Having previously worked for the National Trust, we were briefed to create open-ended and natural play within the woodland area taking inspiration from the natural habitat and wildlife found at the site.
The finished product

A similar project to this would cost £30,000

1. The Badger Sett

Inspired by the local wildlife inhabiting Claremont Landscape Garden, we designed ‘The Badger Sett’, consisting of a series of chambers linked by slatted timber tunnels. Children can crawl through the tunnels and reach the different ‘setts’, inventing games or playing ‘tag’ as they navigate around the interconnecting structures. The chambers make perfect places for secret hiding places due to the upright surrounding posts. ‘The Badger Sett’ also comes complete with its own bespoke carved badger, encouraging children to engage in imaginary and creative play.

2. Woodland Trail

A series of low level balance beams with overhead ropes create a link from ‘The Badger Sett’ up to the top of the hill. Low level balance beams are suitable for all ages and abilities and allow adults to join in the fun too as they test out their balancing abilities!

3. Den Building

To allow children to connect with the surrounding woodland and to enhance forest school skills and open-ended play, we installed four sets of tipi style den building posts. These consist of three robinia posts with carved grooves, enabling children to create their own exciting dens. Den building is a fantastic activity to encourage children to work together and develop problem solving skills. We provided sets of den building sticks but these tipi posts also allow children to find twigs and sticks from the surrounding woodland to create the dens.

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