Mead primary school

Mead primary school

Romford, Essex

June 2019

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A transformed sand play zone for children explore

When Mead Primary School contacted us in 2018 they had a 90sqm sandpit, which was proving difficult to manage. They had come to us to transform the area into a practical and usable space for the children. The school was keen to retain the use of sand, as the children loved the existing sand pit and the huge opportunity for play it provided. After discussing ideas we came up with a great solution to enhance the play area while making it more manageable for the teachers and staff.
The finished product

A similar project to this would cost £20,000

The solution we implemented transformed the area into four smaller and easier to manage sandpits, within which we provided a range of features including pulley systems and scales to enhance play value. We also surfaced the surrounding area in in hard wearing and play safe artificial grass.

In addition to these features, we installed a beautiful ‘sand hut’ accessed by a decked walkway and complete with our bespoke roof panels and windows. These panels cast colourful shadows onto the ground when the sun shines through them, creating a magical space for the children.

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