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Spring 2019

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A nature themed playspace with adventurous climbing and sculptures

The team from the Northern Ireland tourist board first contacted us in the summer of 2017 with plans to develop a new play area at the stunning Peatlands Country Park. Our Creative Director Sam McGeever was delighted to take on the exciting task of designing the bespoke scheme and following a series of meetings over eighteen months in which we perfected the final design. We were thrilled to be awarded the contract in December 2018.

Working on the design for this project was wonderful and our vision for the area aimed to mirror the natural beauty of the Peatlands Country Park by featuring representations of the flora and fauna that can be found around the park. The hero structure within the play space we installed has to be ‘The Sundew Scramble’. This giant, sculptural climbing element featuring a series of nets, platforms and more was based around the form of the sundew plant found in the peat bogs that form part of the Peatlands Park area.

Throughout the park we included multiple references to damselflies, which were abundant in season in the park. The reference to these creatures can be found in the benches in the park right through to the ‘The Damselfly Climber’ which allows children to engage with the structure both physically and using their imagination. “Who’s going flying today!”

The finished product

A similar project to this would cost £150,000

Sculptures featured across the site further explore the history and the nature to be found in the park. Adventurous hands will love the sensory play offered by tactile interaction with our chainsaw carved elements such as the bulbous apples. One apple sculpture even has a maggot crawling out! Inclusivity was an important consideration of this installation and so the design includes a variety of swings – cradle swings, basket swing, 360° basket swing and a giant pendulum swing. These elements prove a fun experience for users of all ages and abilities, as individuals or as part of a group . For those who wish to sit and take it all in we have included small seating shelters throughout allowing adults and children alike to sit and watch the world go by, enjoy a picnic as a family or as one childminder visiting the park remarked “a lovely places to share a story.”

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