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October 2019

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A bespoke play area in a beautiful historic site

We were invited to tender for the new play space at Upton Country Park in early 2019. Bournemouth Borough Council (working in partnership with Poole Borough Council) were looking to create a new, natural feel play space for the award winning and visually stunning visitor attraction in Dorset and it felt like a project perfect for us at Infinite. After an intensely creative period for our design team we were delighted to be awarded the project in May 2019.

The brief for this project was to design a bespoke play area in and amongst the treebelt of the site and for the design to reflect the immediate surroundings of the historic country park, listed house and wider local area.

The first area for development was aimed at older children visiting the park and located at the very edge of an area of woodland at the site. Our team at Infinite worked together to create a huge, visually striking timber structure emerging from the trees featuring a series of bird houses, nests, and our bespoke ‘Mandrake’ structrure connected by bridges, walkways and tunnels. Children will love the countless opportunities for play offered by this incredibly exciting structure!

The finished product

A similar project to this would cost £180,000

The second area, focusing on younger children was located nearer to the café and provided opportunities for explorative and sensory play through our ‘Tree Lab’ and low level birds nest structures filled with loose materials such as sand, pebbles and bark. Connecting the two areas together were several balance trails featuring a series of beautiful balance beams, rope walks and our hand carved leaf portals!

In addition to these two areas we also supplied additional equipment around the site. This equipment ranged from swings (including our 360° inclusive basket swing) to our trademark ‘Badger Sett’ and several tree-gazing hammocks for visitors to unwind in!

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