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November 2018

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A forest activity trail featuring eight bespoke play pieces

Situated in the beautiful surroundings of the Chilterns in Aylesbury, Wendover Woods is a 325 hectare open access woodland site managed by the Forestry Commission. As the forest already featured many attractions, Infinite Playgrounds were commissioned to create an imaginative and bespoke play trail to promote wild play and the exploration of the wider forest. The client wanted the play trail to be inspired by the local Chilterns whilst also providing connections to the surrounding forest and its natural habitat.
The finished project

A similar project to this would cost £65,000

We designed a series of 8 play elements, installed along a trail to create an exciting journey through the woodland.The four pictured in this case study are:

1. Wendover Hollow Fort

A bespoke fort was installed amongst the trees and into the existing hollow within the forest. The fort consists of panelled walls with a clatter bridge and solid wooden bridge linking to the upper level of the hollow. The fort can also be accessed via an exciting wobbly ladder located within the dell. In order to get to the wobbly ladder, children must first tackle getting into the hollow, helped by a guiding rope installed into the bank.The use of a solid wooden bridge will enable adults to join in the fun, creating an easier way into the fort while the younger visitors take the more adventurous routes.

2. Red Kite Look-out

A bespoke look-out point installed onto the sloping ground overlooking Wendover, offering the perfect sheltered place for visitors to take photographs or simply stop and rest for a little while. The lookout features a carved wooden red kite to represent the local wildlife found in the vicinity. The structure is also accessible to wheelchairs and pushchairs,offering an inclusive experience for all visitors.

3. Den Building

To allow children to connect with the surrounding woodland and to enhance forest school skills and open-ended play, we installed a series of different den building posts. Our bespoke structures include a timber facade with peephole window and a long robinia cross beam for sticks and branches to be leant up against. Den building encourages cooperative play as children work together to build innovative shelters.

4. Ant’s Nest

Based on a traditional ants nest, we designed a timber pyramid structure with different clamber routes, allowing children to climb up to the top and to traverse around it. Two sides of the nest feature a bespoke climbing wall with a peephole window while the other two sides include a large wobbly ladder leading to a central raised net.

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